By providing your own list of sites (i.e. your current customers or your ideal customer list) you can monitor them on a daily basis to determine if any of them start using a competitor technology or a technology you provide support for.

We don’t just track the domain but all its subdomains (like and internal pages of the site).

You can define specific technologies or any technology in any of the technology categories we track.

The screencast above demonstrates the entire process of creating an alert, the steps are listed below –

  1. Upload a list of sites to the system via “A List I will Upload” option
  2. When the report has finished generating select the “Technology Usage Alert” new report option
  3. Select the report you just upload from the source screen
  4. Add category or specific technologies you want to know that are added to the domains in your list
Each alert can contain a maximum of 1000 domains, create multiple alerts if you require more sites in your alert list.