Warning! You must have completed the Connected App Setup before this feature will work.
  1. Click “Setup” on your Salesforce system
  2. Select the “Create” drop down under “App Setup” in the sidebar
  3. Select “Objects” from the options box
  4. Select “New Custom Object” button

Enter the following information –

Label: BuiltWith Alert
Plural Label: BuiltWith Alerts
Object Name: BuiltWithAlert
Record Name: Domain
Data Type: Text


  1. Click the Save Button
  2. Select the “New” button next to “Custom Fields & Relationships” in the new screen that appears and add the following fields –
Data Type: Date
Field Label and Field Name: Detected
Data Type: Text
Length: 255
Field Label and Field Name: Alert Name
Data Type: Text
Length: 255
Field Label and Field Name: Technology
You are welcome to add any other custom fields or relationships to this object providing none of the fields are compulsory (as our system will not have a default value for them).

Once you have completed the above steps your Custom Object must have at least the following field setup –


Next step: Pushing Technology Alerts to Salesforce