You can push results in reports directly into Salesforce Leads or into Accounts and Contacts once you have setup the connected app which links BuiltWith and Salesforce together.


Steps to Enable Push to Leads

  1. Follow the Salesforce Connected App Setup Guide.
  2. On your Salesforce Managment page on BuiltWith enter the email of the user that will own the records in Salesforce. The email must be linked to that user on Salesforce.
  3. Also on your Salesforce Managment  page change the Push settings radio box to “Push as Leads”

How Salesforce Data is Managed

If we find an existing account on Salesforce we will not override any fields that are not blank with data we have on BuiltWith.

Field Level Permissions

We must be able to access all of the fields listed below – to manage these in Salesforce select

  1. Setup
  2. Administrator Setup
  3. Security Controls
  4. Field Accessibility

They must be “editable” for the user that the hook authenticates with.



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