Some technology reports on BuiltWith have millions of entries. The system supports a maximum report generation size of 500,000 records. We recommend having a look at some of the examples of report creation to get a more targeted list.

However if you still want to get access to list of sites using these technologies you can via the mega technology report list system.

When you create a Mega Tech Report the process for building that report is as follows –

  1. We approval the mega technology report process manually – we do this to ensure the system is not being abused
  2. The report will be generated within 24 hours and will be available on your report dashboard.
  3. The report will update again within 7 days and will contain any new raw lists we have generated.

The weekly update file sizes will differ based on our update schedule.

If you want to get the full list again just delete the report on the dashboard and create a new one.


We recommend other ways of getting value out of the tool by creating more targeted lists – have a look at some of the report examples in the knowledge base.