Marketo Webhook Custom Data Enrichment

Marketo provide an interface within their system that allows you to call Webhooks to enrich data within their system.

You can use the response mappings to enrich your Marketo data with BuiltWith technology data by using our Marketo Domain Lookup endpoint -

The Lookup can be a website or an email address, we will use first, if that does not contain a website we will use the domain of the email providing it's not free email domain like gmail/hotmail etc - API KEY&LOOKUP={{}}&EMAIL={{lead.Email Address}}

You can get your API key at when logged in.

Response Mapping

The Marketo Hook brings back technologies for the website in both the top level category and the sub-categories so for example Shopify appears in both 'shop' category as well as hosted-solution, the categories match the trend pages i.e. -

Response Attribute

This example would list all of the technologies that are live in the 'shop' category for the Lead. For more information on Response Mappings see the 'XML Mappings' section here -

We have a special eCommerce category called shop-nonp that excludes non-platform eCommerce technologies (so only the main eCommerce product).

You can also sync just technologies on the root domainusing the root- prefix.

To see a list of categories for a website and to understand how things map open the XML response in your browser i.e. - API KEY&

See the Marketo Documentation for Webhooks here.

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