The technology market share tab on a BuiltWith Pro report is one of the most powerful parts of the report. It lets you determine what other web technology based services are in your lead list. See the “Prioritizing Leads by Technology Budget” knowledge base item for how to use this tab to take maximum advantage of this information.

Technology Market Share Data

When you view the Market Share tab the initial view shows the most popular premium technologies in use on your lead list.

Use the Pie Chart Tools category drop down to select specific technology categories to see which premium technologies results in your report are using.

Clicking on a segment of the pie chart, or clicking on a technology title in the report that is below the pie chart tool will show the first page of sites that are in your report and using the additional technology.

Create New Report Option

At the bottom of the screen the option to generate this new sub-report is shown, this will add a new report to your dashboard to allow you to view all leads in your report that are using the technology combination.

Pro Tip – You can keep generating sub-reports until your lead list is highly prioritized and manageable for your sales team.