Snowflake Integration

The BuiltWith Snowflake integration allows you to get BuiltWith Technology and Meta information datasets in Bulk using the Snowflake cloud d data storage and analytics service.

Product Information

The current dataset provides meta data for a root domain name and technology data as a supplemental table.

Data Definitions

Meta Data

Domain NameThe root domain name of a
First Indexed DateThe date the website was first indexed by BuiltWith. No date earlier than January 2000.2004-01-15
Last Indexed DateThe date the website was last indexed by BuiltWith. No date later than current date.2023-10-22
Tech SpendThe estimated monthly USD tech spend of a website based on the average spend of the technologies actively in use on the website2000
Sales RevenueThe estimated monthly USD sales revenue for a website based on it's technology, traffic, location, vertical.100000
CityThe city of the business address found on a contact us pageHollywood
ZipThe zip or postal code of the business90210
CountryThe country of the business as 2 letter ISO code.US
Company NameThe name of the company.Example Ltd

Technology Data

Domain NameThe root domain of the
Location on SiteThe location where the technology is actually found. Maybe a subdomain or /* for an internal
Technology NameThe name of the technology discovered.Google Analytics
First Detected DateThe date we first detected the technology on the website2007-01-28
Last Detected DateThe date we last detected the technology on the website2023-01-13
Technology Major CategoryThe major category of the website - dictionary shown belowanalytics
Technology Minor CategoriesThe minor category of the technologyA/B Testing
Technology WebsiteA link to the technology homepage.
IsPremiumA boolean yes/no if we consider the technology to be a paid for - i.e. not free to use.FALSE
Data Dictionary

Current values for Technology Major Category - note these may change

analyticsAnalytics and Tracking
docinfoDocument Standards
feedsSyndication Techniques
javascriptJavaScript Libraries and Functions
cmsContent Management System
Web MasterWeb Master Registration
cdnContent Delivery Network
mediaAudio / Video Media
seo_headersSEO Header Tag
cdnsVerified CDN
parkedDomain Parking
encodingDocument Encoding
Web ServerWeb Servers
ServerOperating Systems and Servers
mxEmail Hosting Providers
sslSSL Certificates
linkVerified Link
hostingWeb Hosting Providers
seo_titleSEO Title Tag
seo_metaSEO Meta Tag
nsName Server
shippingShipping Providers
registrarRegistrar Services
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