Integrate BuiltWith Data with Excel and Google Sheets

Blockspring have created a filter to allow you to quickly add BuiltWith technology information into Google Sheets and Excel.Implement the Integration Here.....

Slack Integration

This demo shows how to Integrate Slack and BuiltWith for Net New Leads to be pushed directly to a channel in Slack.Login to your accountVisit

Slack Slash Bot

The BuiltWith Slack Bot lets you type in commands to see what websites are built with. It returns a list of technologies that the website is using.Install the....

Using IMPORTDATA in Google Sheets

With List API version 10 you can export lists as CSV or TSV files. See the documentation for List API at To import data into....

BuiltWith for Zendesk

You can get technology information, technology spend and other useful information about your tickets using the BuiltWith Zendesk App. It's a free app and can.... Sync

BuiltWith Close.IO sync - syncs technology data and more to Leads in Get started by Creating an API key at Close.IO and enabling it here -