What data can I export from BuiltWith Pro?

All data in the Pro Reports is exportable. Here's a sample export - Meta-Data-Sample.xlsx

Things you can do -

  • Open the data in spreadsheet systems such as Excel or Google Docs
  • Import the data into your CRM system such as Salesforce / Hubspot / SugarCRM or other variation that supports data imports
  • Populate the data from other data providers

To export data in your reports select the "Export" tab on your report.

Meta Data Export

The Meta Data Export report includes the following fields -

  • Domain - The top level domain within the report
  • Location on Site - For technology reports this is the location of the technology (may be a subdomain or internal page)
  • Company - The company name behind the domain
  • Tech Spend in USD - The average monthly spend on technologies of the website
  • Sales Revenue in USD - Estimated monthly sales revenue for eCommerce sites based on tech spend, traffic, history and more
  • Social - Estimated social followers for a website
  • Employees - Estimated employees for a website
  • Vertical - The vertical of the business - News/Shopping/Religion etc..
  • Quantcast - The Quantcast Rank of the site up to 1 million
  • Alexa  - The Alexa Rank of the site up to 1 million
  • Majestic - The Majestic Global Rank up to 1 million
  • Umbrella - the Umbrella Global Rank for Root Domains Only up to 1 million
  • Telephones - Verified Telephone numbers from the site
  • Emails - Emails found from the website - GDPR Compliant - No EU Citizens
  • Twitter - The Twitter profile for the website
  • Facebook - The Facebook profile for the website
  • LinkedIn - The LinkedIn website
  • Google - The Google+ page for the website
  • Pinterest - The Pinterest page for the website
  • GitHub - The GitHub page for the site
  • Instagram - The Instagram page for the site
  • Vk - The Vk (Russian) page for the site
  • Vimeo - The Vimeo page for the site
  • YouTube - The YouTube page for the site
  • People - Names, emails and titles of people behind the domain - GDPR Compliant - No EU Citizens
  • City - The city of the business
  • State - The state/county of the business
  • Zip - The zip / postcode of the business
  • Country - The country of the business
  • First Detected - The date we first detected the technology in use
  • Last Found - The date we last found the technology in use
  • First Indexed - The date we added the domain into our database
  • Last Indexed - The date we last indexed the domain
  • Exclusion - lead/account/other - if you've used any of the Exclusion lists for the results

Matrix Export

This report contains all results in your report and all of the technologies that are used across all of the results.

CRM Format Export

This report lists the people in results as the key column. This might be easier to use when importing into a CRM.

Custom Audiences Email

Reports with GDPR compliant email addresses that can be used for custom audiences. Note this list cannot be used in mailing campaigns.

Domain Attributes Export

All of the results in your report and all of the domain attributes associated with them which include Google Tag Manager tag counts and Sitemap counts.

Related Domain Export

Other domains that use the same IDs found in the Domain Attributes report.

Related Attributes Export

These are the attributes that connect related domains such as Google Analytics IDS.

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