Free API App Scripts

Did you know with Google Sheets you can create your own functions that pre-populate cells? Here's a code sample to show a true or false if a website is using a certain category of technology.

/*** If the website has a technology in the group** @param {domain} Root domain to lookup i.e.* @param {type} The type of technology i.e. 'shop' or 'cms'* @param key Your API key at* @return True if the technology has data* @customfunction*/
function BUILTWITHHASTECH(domain,type,key) {var url = '' + key+ '&LOOKUP=' + domain;var xml = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url).getContentText();var document = XmlService.parse(xml);var entries = document.getRootElement().getChildren('groups')[0].getChildren('group');for (var i = 0; i < entries.length; i++) {var title = entries[i].getChild('name').getText();var live =entries[i].getChild('live').getText();if ( title==type && parseInt(live)>0) {return true;}}return false;

This example serves as an example - we will provide other API endpoint App Scripts on request.

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