Net New Leads refers to totally new results for a web technology that we have detected and has never been recorded before. Using this feature of BuiltWith allows you to stay on top of new potential leads without having to worry about missing anything new.

This feature works with Live reports only – it does not work with snapshot reports as they are not based on Live data.

Net New Switch

The Net New switch highlighted above appears on the Lead List view of a report. Click the switch to move it across to the Net New view. Click it again to switch back to the full Live site list.

When you switch to the New view, the results in the lead list will only reflect the new leads that have appeared since you last marked the leads as seen. An additional button appears next to the switch allowing you to control what you see under the Net New view.

Net New Options
An explanation of the options –

Mark Net New Leads as Seen
This updates the net new leads report to today. This means all of the net new leads are considered “seen” and will no longer appear in the “new” view. Only new leads you’ve not seen before will be shown on this screen going forward.

Create Net New Snapshot Report
This creates a new report on your dashboard which is a snapshot view of the leads in this view. This will allow you to use the other features of the report on just these new leads (export, market  share, locations etc..).

Reset Net New to [date]
This resets the seen date for new leads to either yesterday, 1 week ago, 1 month ago or 3 months ago.