Sync BuiltWith Data to Accounts

Initial Steps

  1. Ensure you have completed the Connected App Setup
  2. Open the Salesforce Sync Configuration page on BuiltWith – Selected the Properties you’d like to Sync with Salesforce
  3. Open your Salesforce Dashboard on Salesforce

This video demonstrates how to add BuiltWith Company Name listings onto Accounts.

Account Property  Steps

  1. Opens your Salesforce Sync Configuration Page
  2. Ensure that Accounts is ticked and press Save.
  3. Click Setup on your Salesforce Dashboard
  4. Search for “Accounts” and click “Build…Customize..Accounts..Fields”
  5. Click “New” next to “Account Custom Fields”
  6. Select the Type from the Salesforce Sync Configuration table – in this example its Text set to 255 characters.
  7. Ensure the field name exactly matches from the Sync Configuration table – in this example it’s bw_company
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