Finding B2B Businesses

To segment a list by B2B style businesses we have a few recommendations -

Filter by Relevant Keywords

Create the technology report of interest then use the 'keywords' tab of the report to find sites that have keywords relevant to the type of B2B business you are looking for. More information:

Filter by B2B Relevant Technologies

Some technologies are targetted and more useful for businesses that sell to business rather than end level consumers. These generally include CRM Systems and Marketing Automation tools. On the 'Tech' tab of reports you can filter by these entire categories or specific technologies within these categories. More information:

Exclude Certain Technologies

Similar to the above, exclude technologies that are generally targeted at B2C websites, eCommerce platforms and Advertising Solutions are two technology groups that are generally more targeted towards B2C websites.

Filter by "Plans and Pricing" Link

Filter your report by sites that have a 'Plans and Pricing' page - these are more likely to be SaaS style businesses targeting B2B.

Use the B2B Focus Button

On the 'Ideas' page of the report click the 'Create Report' button on the B2B Focus idea to remove eCommerce and only show sites with a known CRM system.

The button only appears on reports that are not eCommerce or CRM related.

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