SSO for Ping Identity

  1. Log in to the Ping Identity as an administrator
  2. Inside the PingOne admin portal, click the Connections icon.
    1. Click +Add Application
    2. Click Advanced Configuration
    3. Next to SAML, click Configure.
    4. Set Application Name to BuiltWith and click Next
    5. For Provide App MetaData click "Manually Enter"
    6. Enter the following -
      1. ACS URL -
      2. Entity Id -
      3. Application URL -
    7. Under Signing Key, Select "Sign Response" or "Sign Assertion and Response"
    8. Click Save and Continue
    9. Under SAML Attributes set PINGONE USER ATTRIBUTE to Email Address
    10. Click Save and Close
    11. Click Configuration
    12. Click Download Metadata
    13. Send us the resulting XML

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