Meta Data Explained

The reports contain as much meta data as we can generate from the websites themselves. So we add telephones and addresses (up to city level) if they are on the website and if we can verify they are actual addresses. We'll add emails in much the same way.

For GDPR Compliance we no longer provide personal information for EU residents.

Here's a sample export -ย Meta-Data-Sample.xlsx

We will also add names/titles to the records if we find a "team" page or an "about us" page which has names and titles which we can automatically verify as actual people. We will then provide a qualified email address if we can based on publically known emails for a website. We also have a lead research feature that lets you put in names and websites to try and find verifiable social information to find valid email addresses.

If the website doesn't have this data we won't add it to the records and it will also appear on more established sites than smaller sites so it can be a useful filter in that respect. We don't charge extra for this information (qualified lead purchases can cost around $1.50 each).

We do recommend other ways to prioritize outbound leads, such as by prioritizing by technology spend - this lets you create a high value list of targets that are easier to research and then reach out to them with a custom pitch that is relevant to what they are doing.

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