Plans and Pricing Explained

We have 3 list plans -

Gives you two technologies (i.e. All customers of Magento, all customers of Volusion) and any variation of those, i.e. Magento customers using premium AB Testing tools or Magento Customers that default to SSL or Volusion Customers using premium EV SSL certificates). You can also upload 2000 domains per month to get your own technology market share understanding of those lists.

Gives you unlimited technologies, and 20,000 upload analysis credits rather than 2000 on Basic and is the best value as it's less than twice the price of basic but with no report restrictions.

Unlimited everything except API credits (1.2 million per year or 100,000 per month)

$295 per month for Basic, $495 per month for Pro - both can be cancelled at any time and we'll keep your account and reports on ice if you decide to come back and get fresh lists. Team is $9950 per year or $950 a month with unlimited accounts. All data is exportable to CSV on all plans so you don't have to worry about being locked into the interface and you can see what you can export here -

Every month you can also "reset" your account, removing all of the reports allowing you to start fresh with new base technologies and keywords.

All upgrade able automatically via the links above and compared at - there's a demo of the upgrade process here -


We also have an Advanced account for $144/year that just provides individual detailed site lookups like this - More information atย
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